Useful Art Books

Art books are some of the most popular choices among readers in all regions of the UK. This is due in part to the fact that many people have a love and appreciation for many different forms of art. However, when it comes to these books, you need to make sure that the purpose of the book lines up with your goals. Additionally, many of these books are written with the practicing artist in mind. They provide helpful tips on technique and style strategies. Some art books provide inspiration, while others detail the rich history of art within the vast cultures found throughout the UK

The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium, is a book which exposes you to some of the most influential women artists of our time. This book is centered around 124 women artists, all of which were born after 1960. Many women find this book to be enthralling on many levels. It brings to light the injustices women have faced over the years, and how art has helped many to escape from these injustices. Themes such as "Bad Girls" and "Domestic Disturbances," play on a feminist view of the world at large. While this book is mostly tailored to the interests of women, men can gain valuable artistic insight from it as well.

Street art has been controversial, moving and incredibly beautiful over the years. This type of art is sometimes created by renegade artists who must bring their creations to light, under the cover of darkness. If you're interested in learning more about street art, then you should check out a book entitled, The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti. This book covers artists from all over the world. You can view artistic achievements by Shepard Fairey, in California, or even Tima Radya's political artwork in Russia. This book brings you into am art form which is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most popular forms of expression.

Another art book called Ice Age Art, offers a glimpse into the cave drawings and creations created by ancient European people. You might be familiar with these depictions when they come on TV shows and channels such as The Discovery Channel or National Geographic. However, this book provides incredible examples, along with detailed descriptions of what these ancient people created. Their art tells a story, and studying it allows us to learn more about their way of life. Many cave and canvas art found in this book, are centered around religious beliefs and other important cultural factors.

he books that have been mentioned were created to inspire and educate. However, there are other art books which take a more detailed instructional approach. Most artists will tell you that great works are created through inspiration, and not a classroom, however. Expressing oneself through art is one of the most liberating experiences that you could imagine. It allows you to present yourself and what you believe in, so that others may be inspired by you as well.