Glass Art Galleries of the UK

Glass sculptures require incredible skill to create. Some of these glass creations require the artist to have the skill to blow glass into desired shapes. Some people stay away from learning how to create glass art because it requires a steady hand and a bit of danger. High temperatures are required for glass to melt. This melting process is necessary in order to allow the glass to be manipulated into desired shapes. Intricate applications of color further complicates the process, which is why this industry produces some of the more expensive items in art culture.

Salt Glass Studios is located in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. It is run by Dr, Fiona Wilkes and Max Lamb, both of which share an extreme passion for glass art. Max has worked for a variety of commercial UK glass studios, and this has given him an enormous amount of experience using several artistic techniques. His creations include blown-glass, one-off and kiln glass creations. Fiona focuses much of her work around education, and she is responsible for providing works of art for galleries and museums across the UK. Salt Glass Studios has an extensive gallery which contains everything from spiked drinking vessels, to sea forms of life. This is a gallery you simply must visit if you are in the area.

Just Glass is an incredibly diverse glass art gallery for its size. Created in 2003, it hosts incredibly beautiful examples of glass artistry created by veteran and new glass workers. The members of Just Glass come from all over the world. This glass art gallery is incredibly important in the advancement of glass art creations in the region. It holds biennial seminars which attract new artists from far and wide who wish to gain more knowledge about the craft. Notable speakers include Richard Jackson, Max Jacquard, Catherine Hough, Angela Jarman, William Wheater and matt Durran, just to name a few. There is little doubt that you will walk away with new inspiration once you visit Just Glass.

These are just a couple of the gallery choices that you have in the UK. Before you choose to visit a gallery, you need to define the intention of your visit. For example, if you intend to learn new skills in the glass creation arena, then you need to visit a gallery which frequently hosts these hands-on seminars. Other glass art galleries place more importance on the exhibitions themselves. These galleries contain a wide assortment of wonderful works of art for you to view and learn about.

Glass art is increasing in popularity. Advancements and new tools are allowing people to create truly stunning works of art. This type of art is starting to spur a highly lucrative business as well. People who wish to sell their original glass art pieces will find that there is a considerable market for such items. Whether you are someone who is interested in learning how to make glass art, or you simply want to view some incredible examples, the UK features some of the best glass galleries in the world.