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  Edit and/or Upgrade a Listing
How to change information and upgrade to another listing type

Edit an existing listing:

To edit an existing listing you must first login to your Member Home area, then click on the 'Directory Listings' tab, then click 'Edit Listing' in the menu. If you don't know your username & password, you can try retrieving it via the login page by entering your email address.

It may take 1 to 14 days to approve your listing changes. During this time your listing may not appear on our result pages. Paid listings are given priority and credited with any lost time.

If you need further help, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, before you contact us.

Free Improvements:

Edit your listing to:

  • Add Images: Upload a Logo Image and Main Feature Image to improve your Listing Display Page.
  • Add More Text: Use the 'detailed description' field to present more information in paragraphs.
  • Add Keywords: Include a list of services, products or brand names and you'll be found by more visitors.

Upgrade a listing:

There are several ways you can upgrade a listing:

  • Visit the Listing Options page and follow the steps. No Login is required.
  • Locate your 'Listing Summary' in a search results, and view your 'Listing Display Page'. Scroll down and click 'Listing Options' link and follow the steps.
  • Login to your Member Area, and click the 'Directory Listings' tab, then click 'Upgrade' in the menu and follow the steps.
  • Contact Us and tell us your Listing ID# or your website URL, and which upgrade option you want.

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Upgrade Benefits:

Upgrade to a (4) Promotional Directory Listing to receive:

  • Visual Exposure: Your 'Listing Summary' will appear with your logo, background image and in full colour.
  • Top Tier Placement: Your 'Listing Summary' will be seen at the top of category pages.
  • Multiple Categories: You'll be seen visually by more visitors in more categories.
  • ...and many more: Upgrade now for more exposure, more visitors and more success!